Natural Aquatic Plants Jade Healing Obelisk Wand Crystal


The crystal surface of this obelisk has a gentle light and a beautiful marble-like texture!

When you hold it in your hand, you will feel its natural energy,  the crystal point can concentrate this energy and can be used for healing.

This crystal mini-tower can form a powerful energy field from the centre, and energy shoots out directly from the top. This energy can make one's mind clear and refreshing. Sitting meditation with crystal points will strengthen your personal source of inspiration and sharpen your mind.

This crystal is a gift from nature, it can effectively heal your body and spirit and make you feel refreshed!


  • Material: Natural Crystal
  • Shape: Point Wand
  • Height: 50-80mm
  • Width: 15-20mm
  • Weight: 20-60g
  • Color: Light Green & Black

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